The road to Tiwi, both a town and a beach, winds scenically through narrow canyons, along the coast and through the Eastern Hajar Mountains. Wadi Tiwi is a spectacularly deep gorge carved out of the mountains, ranging from its steep cliffs down to the valley and the sea’s edge. Crystal clear waters, dramatic scenery and natural beauty bring many to this area. Being so close to the ocean the blue sea water actually will mix with the green water of the wadi during high tide, creating an interesting sight.

The whole Tiwi area has a distinct desert oasis feel, including waterfalls that flow down the canyon walls. Exploring with a walk or a picnic is common for both locals and visitors. As a town, Tiwi maintains its traditional village feel. The village blends in seamlessly with the surrounding nature and feels like a calm and peaceful escape.

Practical Info

To reach Tiwi from Muscat, drive east toward Sur along the main highway and exit at Tiwi. It is about a two-hour drive (one way), and many visits to nearby Wadi Shab start in Tiwi town. 
Adres: Tiwi, Oman
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