Japan Mint

The Japan Mint Osaka Branch is the headquarters of the Japan Mint, and it’s here that the history of Japanese money-printing, or minting, is told through interactive exhibits, including videos.  The brick building resembles one from an American western; the western-style building is one of few that remain in Osaka. The Japan Mint Osaka Branch was established in 1876.

The Japan Mint in Osaka is even more famous for its cherry blossom trees than for its history lessons. The 560-meter long entryway is flanked on both sides more than 100 varieties of cherry blossom trees. In mid-April when the blossoms typically bloom – for no more than a week – crowds flock to the site and spend a leisurely afternoon strolling along the pathway, admiring the trees, and having a picnic beneath the pink petals.

Admission to the Japan Mint is free and open to the public during the cherry blossom season. Many visitors during sakura, or the cherry blossom festival, take the opportunity to explore the Mint Museum. The museum contains exhibits on various coins and medals from within and outside of Japan, along with explaining how currency coins are processed.
Adres: 1-1-79 Tenma, Kita Ward, Osaka, Japan
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