Flanked by neon-lit signs and store fronts , the narrow streets of Nipponbashi, also known as “Den Den Town,” cater to shoppers interested in electronics and comics. Multitudes of shops selling anime, manga, video games, action figures, tools, electronic equipment, and even furniture compete for business among Osaka’s young people. The commercial district was once known for second-hand stores. Today, it is often compared to Tokyo’s famous Akihabara Electric Town.

Unlike shopping in the majority of Japan, it is acceptable to negotiate prices in Nipponbashi. Some of the shops even sell tax- and duty-free items. Some of the more popular, unique stores include Super Potato, which specializes in retro video games, and Gee! Store, the place to find a wide variety of costumes and other clothing. Alongside endless entertainment shopping, Nipponbashi boasts a wide variety of cafes and restaurants.

Practical Info

Nipponbashi is accessible by a one-minute walk from the Ebisucho Station on Osaka’s Sakaisuji Line or a five-minute walk from Nipponbashi Station on the Kintetsu Line. The shopping district is centered along Sakaisuji Avenue. Hours of operation vary by individual store and restaurant. The area is best explored on foot.
Adres: Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan
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Osaka-bus en boot-hop-on-hop-off-tour met metropas

Bekijk de bezienswaardigheden van Osaka met een hop-on-hop-off tour over twee opeenvolgende dagen per bus en boot. Boek gewoon online en selecteer een ticket voor 2 dagen met een 1- of 2-daagse metropas waarmee u gemakkelijk door de stad kunt reizen. Reis naar bezienswaardigheden zoals de boeddhistische tempel van de Shitennoji-tempel en het kasteel van Osaka en verken wijken zoals Umeda en Shinsaibashi in je eigen tempo. Gratis Wi-Fi is inbegrepen aan boord van de bus, dus u kunt foto's plaatsen terwijl u rondreist.
  • Duur: 1 tot 2 dagen
  • Aangeboden in: Engels
US$ 27,00
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  • Duur: 1 tot 2 dagen
  • Aangeboden in: Engels
US$ 27,00

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