Penang Botanic Gardens

Nicknamed the Waterfall Gardens, Penang Botanic Gardens was established by British colonists in 1884 on the site of an old granite quarry. Today, the gardens cover 74 acres (30 hectares), with landscaped grounds, tropical forests and several themed gardens, like a cactus house, orchidarium, herb garden and pine forest. 

Besides featuring its collection of indigenous and exotic flora, the Penang Botanic Gardens are an excellent place to see various colorful birds and butterflies, as well as dusky leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaques and black giant squirrels. The monkeys are known to be quite aggressive, so keep a firm hand on your belongings, particularly food items. You’ll see signs posted throughout the grounds warning against feeding the monkeys, and it’s wise to heed them.
Adres: Jalan Kebun Bunga, Penang, Malaysia 10350, Maleisië
Openingstijden: Daily 5am-8pm
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