Penang Hill Funicular Railway

When the heat and humidity of Penang get to be too much, many a local and visitor ride the Penang Hill Funicular Railway to enjoy the cool, fresh air of Penang Hill, located 2,750 feet (823 meters) above sea level. Situated in the north of the state, Penang Hill was the first hill resort of its kind in Malaysia, and since its opening in 1923, the funicular railway has provided a convenient way to reach the top.

New cars were added in 1977 and again in 2011, and today, passengers make the 13-minute journey to the top of the hill in air-conditioned, Swiss-made coaches capable of transporting 100 people at a time.

Try to ride the funicular up in early evening, as the spectacular views from the top are even better at dusk, when the lights of George Town begin to flicker to life. The railway leaves the base station every 30 minutes daily.
Adres: Perbadanan Bukit Bendera Pulau Pinang, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 11500, Maleisië
Toegang: RM 30.00
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