The town of Barolo in Piedmont is very small – less than 1,000 residents – but since it produces one of the most sought-after wines on any Italian wine list, it attracts quite a bit of attention.

Barolo is roughly 30 miles southeast of Turin, not far from Alba. The tiny town is easy to explore on foot – although some of it is quite hilly, it's small enough that you can take your time. The countryside around Barolo is covered in vineyards, most of which are responsible for growing the nebbiolo grapes used to make the town's namesake wine.

Wine lovers will likely want to explore the area's vineyards, but don't overlook the town itself. There are a number of wine shops right in Barolo, and many winemakers have storefronts there, too, where you can taste (and buy) their wines.

Practical Info

Barolo is just nine miles south of Alba, and it's easiest to explore the whole area (including the vineyards) by renting a car. If you're staying in Alba, however, there are local buses you can take to get to Barolo.
Adres: Barolo, Cuneo, Italy 12060, Italië
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