Strahov Monastery

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The Strahov Monastery in Prague was established in 1143. It has survived fires, wars, revolutions, and communist regimes, though it has occasionally been rebuilt. Even when the monks were unable to remain in the monastery, they waited in a safe place until they could return. Today it is still a place of learning, meditation, and tranquility, and approximately 70 monks live there. The impressive spires of the basilica are a famous part of Prague's skyline, but the library is the monastery's most important feature. The library contains thousands of volumes, including 3,000 original manuscripts. The Theological Hall contains mostly literature of a theological nature and thousands of editions of the Bible. 

The monastery's location on Petrin Hill near the Prague castle is a good place for views of the city due to the higher elevation. The monastery has also been the backdrop for several major films, such as the horror film “From Hell” starring Johnny Depp and in the Bond film “Casino Royale” starring Daniel Craig. 
Adres: Strahovske nadvori 1, Prague, Czech Republic 118 00, Tsjechische Republiek
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