3 Days in Prague: Suggested Itineraries

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Prague is Eastern Europe’s most visited city, with good reason: few destinations offer such a concentrated dose of architectural gems, historical fascination and after-hours fun.

Day 1: Old Town

Loiter under the lanterns of Charles Bridge, Prague’s most famous and romantic site; early morning attracts fewer tourists. Passing through an imposing tower, veer off the main tourist route and take a long detour via the modern-meets-art-nouveau Wenceslas Square, once the scene of anti-Communist demonstrations, past the lovely gothic Powder Tower to end up at the fairy-tale Old Town Square.

The Astronomical Clock draws the crowds, but take time to explore Týn Cathedral and other nearby churches. You’ve had quite a walk: reward yourself with quality Czech beer on the square.  

Day 2: Culture and Community

Start at Stavovské Theatre, where Mozart’s Don Giovanni was first performed; find out more about the maestro’s Prague adventures at the Mozart Museum. More recent artistic endeavor awaits at the Art Nouveau Mucha Museum.

Afternoon is best for Josefov, the center of what was once one of Europe’s most vibrant Jewish communities. You can still view the Gothic Staronová Synagogue, Pinkas Synagogue with its list of Czech Jews deported to the camps, and the cemetery with its poignant jumble of headstones.

Day 3: Castle and Malá Strana

Start at the top today! Treat yourself to an uphill tram to the amazing Prague Castle. The complex includes the Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, Picture Gallery, St. George Convent and Golden Lane with its tiny cottages, one of which housed novelist Franz Kafka. All this and stunning views of the city.

Then it’s a downhill stroll to Malá Strana, a beautiful district of Baroque churches and colorful buildings where every corner is a photo opportunity. And before you know it you’re back at Charles Bridge.

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