Overnight Amazon Jungle Lodge Stays from Puerto Maldonado

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Overnight Amazon Jungle Lodge Stays from Puerto Maldonado
For many travelers, the country of Peru serves as a main entry point to the Amazon rain forest. Time-crunched adventurers may head straight for the bush, but spending the night at one of Puerto Maldonado’s Amazon lodges is the perfect way to prepare for (or recover from) a trek into the jungle.
Corto Maltés Amazonia Lodge
This collection of wooden bungalows offers amenities such as private terraces with hammocks, a swimming pool, and a bar offering tropical cocktails. When they’re not relaxing at the lodge, guests are often out exploring the surrounding forests, where it’s possible to spot colorful parrots, caimans, monkeys, snakes, and occasionally the illusive jaguar.
Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica
This luxury eco-lodge is accessible from the Madre de Dios River via a motorized canoe. Elegant thatch-roofed cabanas, canopy walkways through the treetops, and wooden footbridges over natural wetlands offer travelers an up-close look at Amazon basin wildlife. Common guest activities include canoeing on Lake Sandoval or trekking through the jungle in search of river otters and red-bellied macaws.
Posada Amazonas Lodge
Kerosene lamps and flickering candles lend a rustic feel to this all-natural eco-lodge situated along the Tambopata National Reserve. Windowless verandas overlook the tropical rain forest and allow guests to glimpse wild monkeys and colorful birds without leaving the comfort of their rooms.
Refugio Amazonas
Refugio Amazonas is the headquarters for the Wired Amazon citizen science program, making it an excellent option for curious visitors who want to learn more about local ecosystems. The lodge sits within the buffer zone of the Tambopata National Reserve, an area guests often explore via boat ride or jungle trek.
Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion
Located 45 minutes from Puerto Maldonado by motorized canoe, this rustic accommodation is popular among jungle-trekking travelers. Scenic nature trails along secluded Lake Sandoval and wildlife viewing aboard traditional dugout canoes are just a couple of the relaxing options for visitors looking to get in touch with nature while staying in the lap of luxury.
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