El Tuito

A small and charming Mexican town located just an hour’s drive from Puerto Vallarta, El Tuito draws visitors with its slow-paced, traditional vibe. With only one main road, you’ll find that most of this village’s attractions are centrally located and make for easy walking. The main plaza is home to the majority of the town’s activity, as well as the main church and El Tuito’s historical center.

Note the Spanish colonial homes with their unique orange glazing, try the local artisan cheeses for which the area is known, sample delicate pastries from the local bakery, note the murals at the city hall and stop by the Church of St Peter, which boasts a giant boulder as its main alter. El Tuito is a great day trip from Puerto Vallarta if you’re looking for an authentic dive into the true Mexican town experience.

Practical Info

Drive south from Puerto Vallarta on Highway 200, and look for signs signaling the road to El Tuito.
Adres: El Tuito, Mexico
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