Strait of Magellan

Unforgiving winds, a rugged coastline and narrow passageways made the Strait of Magellan one of the most deadly channels for early explorers attempting to navigate by ship. But today, this historic route, which was successfully navigated for the first time by Ferdinand Magellan in 1520, has become a popular spot for adventurers, seamen and travelers looking to experience the treacherous waters of this South American spot. Luckily, new ship technology and expert captains make for a much safer passage, but the rich history, incredible landscapes and unforgettable historic tales still make for a truly remarkable experience on the sea. 

Practical Info

The strait is nearly 373 miles (600 kilometers) long and only 1.2 miles (two kilometers) wide at its narrowest point. The eastern opening of the channel is between Punta Dungeness and Cabo del Espiritu Santo, and travelers can see some 41 lighthouses that line the historic waterway. 
Adres: Chile, Chili
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