Artigas Square

Artigas Square, or Plaza Artigas, is the spot to hit in Punta del Este if you have an interest in arts and crafts, as it plays host to the arts and crafts fair, where a number of artisans and painters showcase their work.

Typically you will find anywhere between 150 and 200 stalls with Uruguayan artists exhibiting a variety of items for sale. It’s the ideal spot for visitors to learn more about Uruguayan culture and for artisans to showcase their work to inquisitive travelers. 

Vendor offerings at Artigas Square cover everything from clothing to cartoon drawings, while some of the most popular items include leather goods, textiles, paintings, woodwork and sculptures. Also look for valuable jewelry made from gold, silver and semi-precious stones found in the northern part of Uruguay. 

The plaza is named after General José Gervasio Artigas, a national hero of Uruguay, and the square’s craft fair started on July 22, 1967. It has grown from a local market to a “must-visit” tourist spot, but despite its popularity with tourists, the vendors are traditional artisans from Uruguay.

Practical Info

The arts and crafts fair at Artigas Square takes place every night during the summer months and only on the weekends during the winter. Artigas Square borders Avenida Gorlero between Calle 25 and Calle 23. 
Adres: Avenida Gorlero, Punta del Este, Uruguay
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