La Barra

A small fishing town about six miles north of the Punta del Este peninsula, La Barra has been converted into a tourist area with colorful houses, flea markets and antique shops. Despite its popularity with the younger crowd in search of nightlife, La Barra attracts a number of wealthy visitors, including movie stars and models. 

Punta del Este has plenty of notable beaches, and La Barra is no exception. Don’t miss Bikini Beach or the popular Montoya, Manantiales, Punta Piedras and El Chorro beaches nearby. Visitors also seek out La Barra’s hot nightlife. The area gets quite busy after dinner, especially around 2 a.m., when the younger crowd hits La Barra to check out the various pubs and discos. 

La Barra also has a number of good restaurants if you’re looking to dine in the area and not stay out until sunrise. Choose from traditional Uruguayan eats, sushi places and even Italian restaurants.

Practical Info

Route 10 is the main road to La Barra and features the Puente de Barra de Maldonado, a bridge famous for its flexible design. To visit La Barra from the peninsula, you will need to have a car or means of transport, as buses are not very frequent and taxis usually require a reservation. In town, expect club prices to rise in summer, especially during late December and early January and on weekends. After January 15, you will see a drop in prices, although the area is still quite crowded. 
Adres: La Barra, Uruguay
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