Northern Lights Tours from Reykjavik

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Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the elusive Northern Lights. To help you catch a glimpse of this natural display of swirling colors in the sky this winter, we've gathered insider tips and our top guided experiences. See below for your options.

When to Go
The prime time to see the Northern Lights near Reykjavik is from September to March. You need pure darkness and cloudless skies to get the best views, but beware—the clearest nights are often the coldest. Make sure you dress accordingly.

Where to Go
Reykjavik is a perfect starting point for seeing the Northern Lights. Since the city isn't too big and doesn't create much light pollution, you don't have to travel very far to find complete darkness, which creates the perfect backdrop for this natural light show.

How to Go
Whether you travel by super jeep into the mountains, take a cruise on Faxaflói Bay, or combine your Northern Lights trip with whale watching or a visit to the Blue Lagoon, there are plenty of options to hunt down this mystical natural light show near Reykjavik.
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