Aquarium of Rhodes

Home to a dramatic collection of marine animals spread over 40 climate-controlled tanks, the Aquarium of Rhodes is one of Rhodes City’s most popular attractions, located in the basement of the Rhodes’ Hydro Biological Station. Since opening its doors in 1936, the aquarium has transformed itself into a miniature Mediterranean, amassing a vast variety of native fish and sea creatures. Tropical fish swim through vibrant reefs; clams nestle in beds of bright sea flowers; and toothed whales and sharks patrol the tanks. Octopuses, crabs, sea turtles, Mediterranean monk seals and dolphins are also among the eclectic inhabitants. 

Along with its colorful live exhibitions, the aquarium also devotes itself to research and preservation efforts, and the aquarium museum presents plenty of fascinating facts about the local sea life. Even the building itself is an evocative representation of the Mediterranean seascape, with porous rocks, colored pebbles and seashells embellishing the original 1930s Art Deco design and portholes adding to the naval theme.
Adres: Griekenland
Openingstijden: Mon-Sun: 9 am - 8:30 pm
Toegang: 5 €
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