Seven Springs (Epta Piges)

One of Rhodes’ most tranquil destinations, the Seven Springs (Epta Piges) is a lakeside oasis set amidst an expanse of shaded forestland, close to the village of Kolymbia. Offering welcome relief from the searing Mediterranean heat, the space is reached by a 190-meter-long foot tunnel and takes its name from the seven natural springs that tumble into the small man made lake.

Built by the island’s Italian occupants to provide water to the nearby villages, the lake also hosts a surprising variety of wildlife including the rare fish species Gizani, native to the island, as well as tortoises, eels, crabs, colorful dragonflies and even peacocks, which can sometimes be spotted amidst the dense surrounding woodlands.

Open to the public between May and October, the Seven Springs makes a popular day trip from Rhodes town and visitors can explore the maze of walking trails running around the lake, stop for a picnic by the waterside or tuck into local cuisine at the lakeside taverna.
Adres: Griekenland
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