Sayil is a distinguished Mayan ruins site in the Puuc Hills of the Yucatan, located a short drive from the larger ruins of Uxmal. Sayil is a part of the same UNESCO World Heritage site as Uxmal and is a prominent Mayan ruin due to its royal origins. It is believed that Sayil was once ruled by a royal dynasty, and the palace ruins on its grounds are still impressive to behold today. Visitors can wander through the ruins and also make a stop at the observatory, another of Sayil's top sites.

It is estimated that Sayil was settled around 800 AD and at one point had a population that reached upwards of 10,000. Visitors to Sayil can soak up this ancient history and get a feel for what life was like during the time of the Mayans while steering clear of the larger crowds at some of the other more popular Mayan sites. The site's jungle location also adds to the exotic, off-the-beaten-path allure.

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Sayil is located south of the city of Merida, about a two-hour drive away.
Adres: Sayil, The Yucatan, Mexico
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