Pelourinho is Salvador’s original colonial center and was Brazil's first slave market. Its name is derived from the post or pillory that African slaves were tethered to and whipped by their Portuguese overlords.

Despite containing the largest concentration of Baroque architecture in the Americas, Pelourinho was a seedy no-go zone until the mid-1980s largely due to drugs and prostitution.

Since being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, Pelourinho has been restored to some of its former glory along with plenty of restaurants, bars and open-air cafes from which to sit and drink in the colorful and architecturally rich surrounds.

Practical Info

It’s possible to walk around Pelourinho’s main sights within a couple of hours but to truly appreciate the history and interiors of some of the most impressive buildings (and visit at least one museum!), you’ll need to allow a day or two.

To get here, catch any bus marked Praça da Sé (Pelourinho).

Adres: Pelourinho, Salvador da Bahia, Brazilië
Openingstijden: Open daily
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