Cabo Cabrón National Park

Cabo Cabron National Park offers visitors a taste of old Dominican Republic—a place and time before resorts, tourists and development touched down on this tropical island. With uninhabited coastlines, rocky cliffs and rugged trails, this protected forest is one of the most remote locations in Samana.

Visitors can hike the challenging trails of this national park, which wind through thick tropical vegetation and snake up difficult passes. Guides are available to help experienced travelers navigate Cabo Cabron, where maps are rarely of any use. While the national park may not be home to any of the island’s famous beaches, a trek to the secluded volcanic area tucked into the hillside of this national treasure boasts a refreshing natural water source that’s perfect for cooling off after a long—but beautiful—hike. 

Practical Info

Cabo Cabron is located in the northeastern part of the country. It’s accessible by boat from Las Galeras or by ATV through the town of Los Toconoes. Travelers looking to spot some of the 4,000 humpback whales that travel through Samana each year should travel between January and March when their numbers are at their highest and these ocean giants are most easily spotted from the rocky coast.
Adres: Samana, Dominican Republic, Dominicaanse Republiek
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