Avenida Berrini

Developed in the late 1970s as an off-price alternative to the sky-high rents along Avenida Paulista, Avenida Berrini (pronounced be-HEE-nee) has given its name to a district of modern high-rise office and residential towers which host the headquarters or regional offices of several multinational corporations. Part of the neighborhood of Brooklin—yes, you read right—Berrini also houses a growing number of shopping and entertainment areas, including American-style malls Shopping Morumbi and Shopping Market Place, as well as the D&D Decoration and Design Center.

Fronting the Pinheiros River, local outposts of several international hotel chains, including the Hyatt and the Hilton, are located in the area, and the recently opened Octávio Frías de Oliveira Bridge looms large against a backdrop of glass and concrete skyscrapers lined up like dominoes. Located just a couple of miles from São Paulo’s major domestic hub, Congonhas Airport, Berrini remains one of the fastest-growing districts in the city, especially as more businesses move into the area from farther afield or from more expensive sections of town. At night, concert venues along neighboring Rua Funchal keep the area hopping after office hours, and several restaurants, including a branch of famous Brazilian beer hall Devassa, maintain a lively atmosphere well into the wee hours.
Adres: Avenida Berrini, Sao Paolo, Brazilië
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