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Flanked by the Lomond Hills in central Fife, the former royal burgh of Falkland is known for its twisting streets and centuries-old stoned houses. Dominating the town center is the famous Falkland Palace. Once the hunting lodge of the Stuart Monarchs, the palace was a favorite summer resort of Mary Queen of Scots.

Built by French masons on behalf of King James V, on a visit you’ll get to see its famous buttresses and turrets, and in the gardens lies Britain’s oldest royal tennis court, built in 1539.

The village is also known for its old horse market, Falkland Cricket Club, and famous golf club. Fans of the TV series Outlander may also recognize Falkland’s streets as the setting for the show’s opening scenes filmed in World War II.
Adres: Falkland, Fife, United Kingdom, Schotland
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