Chinatown-International District

The Chinatown-International District, often simply referred to as the I.D., is the multiethnic center of Seattle’s Asian community. Coincidentally, it is also one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods and thus, is chalk-full with plenty of history and culture. Some highlights include Kobe Terrace, a small terraced park on a hillside showcasing a urban community garden and Mt. Fuji cherry trees, the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience as well as the many cultural festivals that are held each year, such as the Lunar New Year celebration and Bon Odori. 

Most people head to the Chinatown-International District because of the abundance of authentic restaurants though, which sell everything under the sun from dim sum to banh mi. Many of these eateries are tiny mom and pop type shops or food carts and offer completely authentic flavors and experiences. Food tours are especially popular, as they lead through the wide and sometimes daunting variety of Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Vietnamese and Southeast Asian cuisines all in one day and are able to show some hidden gems that would otherwise be hard to find. Those craving the dishes at home will also find the necessary ingredients at the big Asian specialty markets, where fish is still sold with heads and chicken have feet.    
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