Discovery Park

Discovery Park is Seattle’s largest public park and although the green space offers over 11 miles of trails, the shorter Loop Trail is perfect for those wanting a quick taste of the scenery. Connecting to the other trails designed for further exploration, it follows the perimeter of the park, taking hikers through second-growth forests consisting of maple, alder, cherry, fir and cedar trees, open meadows and along sandy beaches littered with gnarly driftwood. The park is also a great place to get a view of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound, as well as to catch a glimpse of the diverse wildlife. Seals, sea lions, chipmunks and over 270 species of birds have made their home in and around the 534 acres of the park and just like the visitors coming here for a quick respite, have found somewhat of a sanctuary from the active city.  

On the land of the park you can also find the Daybreak Star Cultural Center, a foundation providing social and educational services to Native Americans, as well as the incredibly picturesque West Point Lighthouse. The latter is also known as the Discovery Park Lighthouse and is a historic building that has been in operation since 1881. Perched on the very westernmost tip of the peninsula in the midst of windswept grass and a rocky beach full of driftwood, it makes for a stunning photo opportunity. 
Adres: 3801 Discovery Park Boulevard, Seattle, Washington 98199, VS
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