Lotte World

Easily accessible from Jamsil Station on the Seoul subway, this extraordinary recreational complex is the world’s largest indoor theme park, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Lotte complex also includes an outdoor amusement park (Magic Island), folk museum, shopping centers, an artificial island within an artificial lake, and a luxury hotel (all linked by monorail), and it receives an average of eight million visitors a year.

Housed largely in glass to permit natural light, the complex offers country-themed districts, complete with full-scale parades, feature films, laser light shows, souvenir shops, terrifying rides, and an astonishing variety of international cuisine, snacks, and foodstuffs.

Among the most popular rides within the grounds are a Spanish pirate ship that swings a full 75 degrees, the so-called “Gyro Drop” and “Gyro Swing”, the latter of which replicates the sensation of being inside a hurricane. Also noteworthy is the “Flume Ride” which floats atop steep waves.

There is a skating rink complete with a snack bar, a sports shop, skate rental service, and a changing area. At the Folk Museum, cultural items are displayed that date back thousands of years, highlighting key moments in Korean history, as well as several miniature villages and a playground.
Adres: Seoul, Zuid-Korea
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