Basilica Macarena

The chief attraction of the Basilica Macarena is La Macarena, or "the Virgin of Hope," a 17th century wooden sculpture of Christ's mother mourning his death (complete with tears). She's the patron saint of bullfighters, friend to gypsies and star of the Semana Santa parade held in Seville every Easter.

When she passes by in the parade, songs are sung to her beauty and rose petals strewn in her path. In a small museum adjoining the basilica, you can see some of the Virgin's parade array, along with bullfighting relics. 

Practical Info

The Basilica Macarena can be reached by taking Line 3 to the Macarena stop, or taking the C2 or C3 bus.

Adres: Calle Bécquer 1, Seville, Spanje
Openingstijden: Open daily, 9am - 1pm and 5pm - 8pm
Toegang: Basilica admission: Free; Treasury admission: € 3
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