Changi Murals

During the Japanese occupation of World War II, the seaside village of Changi in Singapore was the site of several prisoner-of-war camps and witness to countless atrocities. After the British surrender of Singapore in February 1942, Stanley Warren and many other British POWs were interred in the prison camps of Changi.

During his time as prisoner in Singapore, Warren painted a total of five murals on the walls of St. Luke’s Chapel in Block 151 of the Roberts Barracks. Today, you can see replicas of the famous and poignant Changi Murals within the Changi Museum and Chapel. The five murals, named Nativity, Ascension, Crucifixion, Last Supper and St. Luke in Prison, were meant to help lift the moods of ill prisoners, as Warren himself suffered from renal disorder and dysentery while painting them.

Besides the murals, the Changi Museum and Chapel also houses many artifacts, photographs and letters that speak of the conditions suffered by Allied POWs in the Japanese-run internment camps.
Adres: 506969, Singapore
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