Tiger Brewery

You can find Tiger beer throughout Asia, but in Singapore, you can actually see where and how it’s made. Tiger Beer started brewing the first local Singaporean beer in 1932, and today, their signature bottled pale lager is sold in more than 60 countries.

At the Tiger Brewery, visitors can take a 45-minute tour of the facilities to find out firsthand how malt, hops, water and yeast are transformed into beer. While the entire process is now automated, you can still see the ingredients being milled, mashed, boiled, fermented and filtered in the brew house before getting sent to the packaging gallery for bottling.

At the end of the tour, guests can enjoy complimentary samples in the Tiger Tavern. The ticket cost includes a 45-minute beer appreciation session that includes unlimited samples of freshly tapped Tiger beer and a range of other beers brewed on the grounds. Children are welcome on the tour, but guests must be 18 years of age to sample.
Adres: 459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, 639934, Singapore
Openingstijden: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
Toegang: Adult: 16 SGD, Children: 12 SGD
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