Clay Villa

Clay Villa Plantation House and Gardens is a 10-acre property located in the capital city of Basseterre on the island of St Kitts and is known for its beauty and history. Built in 1763, Clay Villa Plantation House and Gardens is renowned in the area as it is the only property of its type that stayed a free working estate when others around it were profiting from the slave trade. The past family owners of Clay Villa also have historic significance as they were native Carib Indians. The plantation is still family owned to this day. 

When visiting Clay Villa, take time to visit the family museum, which has local artifacts, and tour the Overseer’s House, which is still used as a family home. The grounds of Clay Villa also deserve plenty of attention during your visit. Walk around and take in the eco-friendly gardens and the views of the Caribbean Sea beyond the lush tropical foliage and flowers. In addition, Clay Villa has a variety of rescued wildlife on the property, including monkeys, turtles and birds. 

Practical Info

You’ll need to arrange a tour time in order to see Clay Villa. If driving yourself, head west from Basseterre for four miles and you’ll come to the estate within the parish of Trinity. If you get lost, remember that the locals know Clay Villa more by the name of John Gumbs Residence. 
Adres: Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis, St Kitts - Nevis
Openingstijden: Vary
Toegang: Varies
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