Royal Swedish Opera

As the opulent home of the Royal Swedish Opera and the Royal Swedish Ballet, the Royal Swedish Opera House (or Stockholm Opera House) has come a long way since its former incarnation as a tennis court. It was Swedish King Gustav III who founded the opera house in 1782, but just 10 years later the King was assassinated at a masquerade ball on-site, forcing the closure of the venue. 

Fortunately, the historic Opera House was restored and reopened, with the present day building designed by architect Axel Anderberg in the late 19th century. Boasting a dramatic waterfront location opposite the Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet), the striking neoclassical façade and spectacular Golden Foyer, make this one of Stockholm’s most celebrated designs, decorated with gold Carl Larsson stuccos, Vicke Andrén ceiling paintings, gigantic crystal chandeliers and a grandiose marble staircase.
Adres: Gustav Adolfs torg 2, Stockholm, Sweden 103 22, Zweden
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