Guangxing Paper Mill

Travelers looking for a chance to experience “hands-on” Taipei need look no further than Guangxing Paper Mill. Located in the heart of Puli, visitors to this local gem can tour the history factory and learn about its unique process of papermaking. And while the tour alone may sound 
less than gripping, for a small fee travelers can handcraft an item of their choice—like paper lamps, lanterns and fans—alongside local artisans, resulting in a truly unique experience. 

Practical Info

The mill is located at 310 Tieshan Road in Puli Township. It’s easy to find a tour that stops at Guangxing Paper Mill and a visit to the factory is free. Travelers who want to learn the art of paper-making should allot at least two hours for the process.
Adres: 310 Tieshan Road, Puli, Taipei, Taiwan
Openingstijden: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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