Mount Field National Park

Tasmania is known for its stunning scenery and wealth of natural beauty, and of the island’s 19 national parks, Mount Field National Park is the oldest of them all. Established in 1916, this area set an hour from Hobart offers tumbling waterfalls, backcountry hiking trails and diverse wildlife that includes the awkward-looking platypus and the famous Tasmanian devil. Of all the sights within the park, Russell Falls is one of the most popular thanks to its ease of access. A 20-minute, paved walk leads to the thundering three-tiered waterfall, and adjoining hiking tracks lead through gum forests and brilliantly green patches of ferns. 
During the months of April and June, the upper slopes of the Mount Field National Park are ablaze in the colors of fall. Deep reds and bright oranges blanket the thinning treetops, and there is enough snowfall from July until September to sustain a popular ski lodge. Lake Dobson is another park favorite, located toward the upper reaches of the park, and the hiking trails that fan out from its parking lot take six to eight hours to cover. From the sweeping viewpoints of these glacially carved valleys that look out over the forests, it’s easy to see why Mount Field National Park is one of Tasmania’s most popular attractions. 

Practical Info

Mount Field National Park is located 40 miles from Hobart, about an hour’s drive outside the city. There is a daily park fee of either $12 per person or $24 per vehicle, and multi-day visitors can purchase holiday passes for $30 each person or $80 each vehicle. While rain and snow can fall during any month of the year, the summer months of December through March offer the driest and warmest conditions.
Adres: Lake Dobson Road, Maydena, Tasmania, Australië
Toegang: Daily park fee of either $12 per person or $24 per vehicle.
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