Golan Heights

A rocky plateau straddling the borders of Israel and Syria, the Golan Heights is one of Israel’s most scenic regions, with its hilly landscape dotted with ancient ruins and biblical sites. Despite the long-standing dispute over Syrian and Israeli occupation of the territory, the Golan Heights are still an increasingly popular tourist destination, home to Mount Hermon, Israel’s highest peak at 2,284 meters, and the Gamla Nature Reserve, renowned for its population of rare birds.

Other top attractions of the Golan Heights region include the Hammat Gader hot springs, located on the Syrian and Jordanian border; the ancient Jewish town of Katzrin, where the extensive ruins include a synagogue dating back to the 6th century; Israel’s largest Byzantine monastery in Kursi; and the extinct volcano of Mount Bental, which offers magnificent views over the Golan plateau and the Syrian Quneitra Valley.
Adres: Golan, Israël
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