Rosh Hanikra

The dramatic white cliffs of Rosh Hanikra are one of Israel’s most visited natural attractions, looming 210 feet over the Mediterranean coast and close to the border of Lebanon. Preserved as part of the Achziv Natural Reserve, the soft rock of Rosh Hanikra has been sculpted over millenniums by the action of the waves to form a warren of sea caves and limestone grottos ripe for exploring.

There are a number of ways to take in the highlights of Rosh Hanikra and visitors can ascend by cable car to the cliff top, where the views expand along the coastline; take a train or bike ride along the scenic seafront promenade; or follow the dimly-lit walking trail through the labyrinth of caves, among them the remains of a manmade railway tunnel dug out in 1943 by the British to connect the Cairo-Haifa rail line to Beirut. Along with its unique geology, Rosh Hanikra also has another claim to fame – the border station was also the location for the signing of the 1949 armistice between Lebanon and the State of Israel.
Adres: Rosh Hanikra, Israël
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