Canal du Midi

The 150-mile long Canal du Midi begins at the Garonne River in Aquitaine, which flows from the Pyrenees to the Atlantic Ocean and ends at the Mediterranean Sea in Sete, located in the Languedoc region. Built in the 1600s with the goal of connecting the two bodies of water for the purpose of transporting wheat, Canal du Midi is one of the oldest continuously running canals in Europe. 

While it is still used for commercial and agricultural transport, today tourism is the biggest economic influence on the canal. Vacation barges line its banks, either as a type of B&B or as a way to travel through some of the canal's 104 locks as a destination and a means of transportation. Many of the barges hook up with on-land guides of the historic towns along the canal; others offer bicycles for DIY travel while docked or when waiting to go through the locks.

Practical Info

The Canal du Midi is open all year-round at Capestang, which does not have any locks. In winter, the locks are subject to maintenance, so much of the canal is closed for travel. 
Adres: Toulouse, France, Frankrijk
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