Scarborough is the capital city of Tobago. With around 17,000 people, it is home to nearly one-third of the island’s population. Europeans settled this historic town in the mid-1600s, and the English, Dutch and French battled for its control. In 1769, the English made Scarborough the island’s capital, and their mark can still be seen at Fort King George, an 18th-century garrison that overlooks the settlement. Today the ruins are well worth visiting for the spectacular views, and a small on-site museum offers a glimpse of the island’s history, with weapons, maps and pre-Columbian artifacts on display. While Scarborough does have a newly built deep-water port for cruise ships, the town itself maintains an unpretentious local feel, with wooden ginger-bread houses alongside more functional concrete structures. The Scarborough Mall, across from the harbor, is home to the tourism information office, and the best place to in town to go shopping.

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Visitors can travel between Port of Spain, Trinidad and Scarborough, Tobago, via ferry service, which takes 2.5 hours and runs regularly throughout the day. If you prefer to fly directly to Tobago, you’ll land at Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport, which is about eight miles from downtown Scarborough.
Adres: Scarborough, Tobago, Trinidad en Tobago
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