Santuario della Consolata

The Santuario della Consolata that we see today in Turin dates from the 17th century, but a church has been on this site since the 5th century.

The early church was dedicated to St. Andrew the Apostle, and contained a small chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary. That chapel later became the most popular part of the church, drawing pilgrims who claimed the Virgin performed miracles there. In 1678, the church was reconstructed and dedicated to the Virgin of the Consolation.

Later additions to the church in the 18th and 19th centuries led to the Santuario della Consolata we see today, including a highly ornamented rococo interior. The bell tower dates from an earlier church construction on the site.The church still contains the icon of the Virgin of the Consolation.

Practical Info

The church is located on the Piazza della Consolata at the intersection of Via Consolata and Via Carlo Ignazio Giulio. It's open regularly for services, and visitors are welcome in between services. Admission is free, and donations are always welcome.
Adres: Piazza della Consolata, Turin, Italy, Italië
Openingstijden: Daily
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