Marie-Antoinette Estate

Marie-Antoinette left a mark on Versailles larger than any other left by the queens of the French monarchy, and the physical embodiment of her maverick ways can be found at her estate on the grounds of the Gardens of Versailles.

The Marie-Antoinette Estate is comprised of several elements. There is the Petit Trianon, which served as her palace away from home. Often frustrated by the politics of her husband's court, Marie-Antoinette would escape to her royal residence, where no one could enter without her express invitation – not even the king himself.

There are also Marie-Antoinette's personal gardens, through which visitors can stroll today and see that they are much unchanged from the time of the queen's reign. She also had a hamlet – a glamorous, picturesque take on the rustic country homes that the aristocracy at the time had on the grounds of their own estates – with a kitchen garden and a working farm in addition to its mill, decorative gardens and charming lake.

Practical Info

Note that the Marie-Antoinette Estate will begin restoration in 2014, sponsored by the design house Dior. Although it is free to enter the Versailles Gardens on most days (except during fountain shows and other events), the fee to tour the Marie-Antoinette Estate is €10, with a €6 reduced admission for children, students and seniors. It is open whenever the Palace of Versailles is open, but take note of the closing time, as it will take some time to return to the front gates to exit.
Adres: Château de Versailles, Place d'Armes, Versailles, France 78000, Frankrijk
Toegang: €10
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