Powis Castle

Appropriately nicknamed ‘Y Castle Coch’ or ‘the Red Castle’, the grand red sandstone façade of Powis Castle can be seen for miles around, perched on a terraced hilltop overlooking the Welsh borderlands. Originally built in the 13th century for Welsh Prince Owain Cyfeiliog, the medieval fortress has been transformed by generations of wealthy Herberts and Clives into one of Wales’ most impressive feats of Baroque architecture. From the elaborate tiered gardens to the lavishly furnished interiors, the stately home is among Britain’s finest.

Highlights of a tour around the castle include the State rooms, Dining Hall, Coach House and kitchens, elaborately decked out with antique furniture, prized paintings and marble sculptures. The castle also hosts the Clive Museum, a significant exhibition of artifacts from India collected by the Clive family in the 18th century, including textiles, armory, and bronze, jade and ivory pieces. Don’t forget to explore the renowned gardens too — 26-acres of terraced Italian and French style formal gardens, dotted with rare flowers and plant varieties, an orangery, a deer park and a collection of striking sculptures.
Adres: Welshpool SY21 8RF, Wales
Openingstijden: 12:30 - 17:00
Toegang: Adult: £11.80, Child: £5.90, Family: £29.50
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