Colonial Williamsburg

“That the future may learn from the past.” Colonial Williamsburg’s original motto holds true today, as this 301-acre living history museum recreates the Revolutionary War period with detailed attention on historical accuracy. Williamsburg served as the state of Virginia’s capital from 1699 to 1780, and its proximity to other historical towns such as Jamestown and Yorktown make it a mecca for history buffs and the ultimate vacation destination for families looking to learn while having fun.

In Colonial Williamsburg, visitors can experience daily life in colonial times. From how food was cooked without modern technology to the tactics of warfare and weaponry of the time, Williamsburg has it all. Some of the more popular attractions involve visits to the local blacksmith and silversmith, browsing the wig shop and seeing the costumes of the era. In total, Colonial Williamsburg has 35 exhibition sites, 22 sites dedicated to showing off more than 30 18th-century trades and more than 100 garden areas. The experience is fully immersive.
Adres: Colonial Williamsburg, Washington D.C., VS
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