Sule Pagoda (Sule Paya)

The golden spire of this well-recognized pagoda stretches far into the skyline of downtown Yangon, making it easy to spot from even just about anywhere in town. Built more than 2,000 years ago, the pagoda is said to house a hair from that Buddha that was given to two Burmese merchants. Colorful spirits stand guard of a massive brass bell, which residents ring to signal good deeds. In addition to being one of these most recognized pagodas in Yangon and place of spiritual worship, the Sule Pagoda has also served as a meeting place during the 1988 uprisings and the Saffron Revolution, making it an important landmark in the country’s recent past.

Practical Info

Sule Pagoda is located in a roundabout in downtown Yangon. Visitors can grab an evening drink at the nearby Sky Bar at the top of Sakura Tower for an impressive view of the golden pagoda lit up at night.
Adres: Ground, Maha Bandula Rd, Yangon, Myanmar
Openingstijden: 6am-8pm
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