Mirogoj Cemetery

It might seem surprising that a cemetery features on Zagreb’s list of top tourist attractions, but the exquisite Mirogoj Cemetery is no ordinary graveyard. Laid out in 1876 by acclaimed German architect Hermann Bollé, the 7-acre plot is renowned as one of Europe’s most beautiful cemeteries, fronted by a grand 500-meter long neo-Renaissance arcade and set against the dramatic backdrop of Mount Medvednica.

Strolling the tree-lined walkways through Mirogoj Cemetery unveils an elaborate series of mausoleums and chapels, landscaped gardens and monumental statues, most notably the Bollé-designed Chapel of Christ the King; the modern Crematorium and Urn Grove; and sculptures by Ivan Mestrovic and Mihanovic. Read the inscriptions on the ornate tombstones and you’ll recognize the names of many of Croatia’s most prominent artists, politicians and soldiers, including playwright Miroslav Krleza, American NBA basketball player Drazen Petrovic, poet Petar Preradovic, Croatia’s first president, Franjo Tudman and, fittingly, Hermann Bollé himself.
Adres: Mirogoj Cemetery, Zagreb 10000, Kroatië
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