Zurich Opera House

As the principal venue for the Zurich Opera since it opened its doors in 1891, the Zurich Opera House has garnered worldwide acclaim for its outstanding acoustics and wide variety of international performances. Originally called the ‘Stadttheater’, the venue was built on the site of the Actientheater, which burned down just a few years earlier, and staged its opening to a dramatic performance of Richard Wagner’s ‘Lohengrin’. Despite changing its name to the Zurich Opera House in 1964, the concert hall maintains its original Neo-classical façade, designed by Viennese architects Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer and held up by 1,800 oak pillars. Equally impressive is the Rococo style entrance foyer and auditorium, which seats 1,200 people and is notable for its intricate ceiling paintings that represent love, tragedy, comedy, music and poetry.

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Today over 300 international operas, ballets, recitals and concerts are held annually in the Opera House, including around 13 yearly opera premieres, making it one of the busiest classical performance venues in the world. As well as attending a show, visitors can also tour the opera house, visiting the plush dressing rooms and rehearsal rooms, and learning the secrets of the venue’s renowned lighting and acoustics.
Adres: Falkenstrasse 1, Zurich 8008, Zwitserland
Openingstijden: Most Opera events are held in the evening
Toegang: Price of tickets vary
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