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Verken de stad op uw gemak met deze eendaagse reispas en tourcombinatie naar alle hoogtepunten van Hongkong. Geniet van een dagje onbeperkt gebruik van de Mass Transit Railway (MTR) en een retourtocht met de Ngong Ping-kabelbaan over Lantau Island. Geniet van de bezienswaardigheden tijdens een Grote Boeddha wandeling wanneer u arriveert op het eiland en breng een bezoek aan vissersdorp Tai O en de beroemde Grote Boeddha. U kunt kiezen uit upgrades zoals een 3-daagse MTR Pass inclusief Airport Express-tickets of een Crystal Cabin met glazen bodem voor de Ngong Ping-kabelbaan. Haal uw passen bij aankomst op wanneer u van tevoren boekt. Met deze reispascombo haalt u het meeste uit uw tijd in Hongkong.
  • MTR-pas en tourcombinatie Hong Kong
  • Reis rond Hong Kong met een 1-daagse MTR-pas
  • Gebruik het uitgebreide MTR-netwerk om populaire locaties zoals Disneyland en Central te bezoeken
  • Volg een grote Boeddha-wandeltour op het eiland Lantau om de belangrijkste culturele bezienswaardigheden te zien
  • Geniet van een fantastisch uitzicht op het eiland Lantau met een rondvaart over de Ngong Ping-kabelbaan in een standaard hut of de Crystal Cabin, op basis van de geselecteerde optie
  • Upgrade om te genieten van drie dagen onbeperkte ritten op de MTR plus rondritten op de Airport Express
Haal uw tickets en MTR Pass op bij de Sha Tsui Ferry Pier en ga op avontuur met Hongkong binnen handbereik. Geniet van onbeperkt gebruik van de MTR (Mass Transit Railway), inclusief bus, lightrail en treinen met behulp van deze Hongkong-reispascombinatie. Met tal van opties is het eenvoudig om de belangrijkste bezienswaardigheden van het eiland te zien. Gebruik de gebruiksvriendelijke MTR om te reizen tussen de districten van Hongkong. De 10 spoorverbindingen van het eiland leiden naar plekken zoals Sheung Wan en Disneyland. De light rail is ideaal voor reizigers die naar de New Territories gaan.
Airport Express-pas (indien deze optie is geselecteerd):
Gebruik deze handige pas om te reizen van Hongkong Airport naar de stad bij aankomst en bewaar de terugreis voor uw vertrek.




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Dianne W
, mei 2018

This proved to be an excellent value.

The 3 day MTR Pass worked perfectly to get us to and from the airport to our hotel and allow us to travel around. We had to add an extra day but it was well worth it. It was surprisingly easy to find the travel desk at the Hong Kong airport when we arrived and pick up the pass.

The only glitch was that for some reason the Big Buddha tour had been scheduled for the afternoon we arrived whcih was within 1/2 hour of our plane landing and we didn't know that until we arrived at the Cable Car desk on the date we thought was booked only to be turned away. That meant we had an unnecessary trip out to the site and had to come back the next day.

The Npong Ping Cable Car and Big Buddha Tour was very good. The guide we had was pretty good and provided an on-going commentary. The walk around the Tai O fishing village was interesting but the snack coupon that was provided actually wasn't a snack, we had to pay extra for it along with the coupon. As well the boat ride to see the pink dolphins was really rather brief.

The cable car ride though to the top was stunning and the vistas of not only Lantau island but of over toward Kowloon/Hong Kong were amazing. We were lucky to have a relatively sunny day.

Would very much recommend this tour.

Chris H
, apr 2018

We had a wonderful day on this tour, and we highly recommend it. We were in Hong Kong on a cruise ship and this tour was much, much better value than anything the cruise line could offer. A star feature when booking the crystal cabin was the fact that we bypassed the huge queues for the gondola thus saving us well over an hour of dead time. The only pain is finding the location for the collection of the tickets. It was awkward and somewhat confusing, though we clearly sorted it out.
The gondola ride with is fantastic, the Buddha well worth seeing: the walk up isn't that hard and the little fishing village is wonderful and definitely not to be missed.
An outstanding day and great value.

Brian C
, apr 2018

Traversing the MTR in Hong Kong is easy and the MTR Pass was a good option. I arrived at the Ngong Ping Cable car in what I thought was plenty of time to reach the Big Buddha for the tour. I had purchased the Crystal Cabin tickets which were supposed to provide priority for the cable car ride. Unfortunately, this was far from the case. I joined the line for the Crystal Cabin pre-paid tickets, which was very short happy!. The normal queue was for people who had not made a booking and had just turned up. However, this queue was speeding along 10 times faster than the Crystal Cabin, pre-paid queue. There were 10 people in front of me and it took more than 30 minutes to get to the ticket booth! Then you join the Crystal Cabin queue for the cable car. This too went slower than the normal queue!! There was no real organization and the Crystal Cabin cable cars were only one in every 3 or 4 cars. By the time I reached to top, I was 15 mins late for the tour which had departed without me. I walked around by myself and was impressed by the views and sights. The Big Buddha was spectacular. I had a nice day. I would recommend that anyone taking this tour should only purchase the normal ticket. The Crystal Cabin has a glass bottom and that is the only difference to a normal Cabin. It also takes longer and has no real priority as described.

, feb 2018

An amazing tour and an amazing way to spend some time in Hong Kong.

Mark W
, dec 2017

This tour was amazing!

jacqueline s
, dec 2017

Ngong Ping Cable Car is very good. It is a shame They are not very good when you pick your tickets up at the base station. We never received are MTR passes as we were told we had to pick them up at the airport. !!!!. We were not given our passes for the Big buddha tour and had to sort this out at the top of the cable car which wasted a hour. This was very annoying when you only have a short time in a lovely place. The last thing you want to do is chase around to find your tour guide. It would have been helpful if the information we were given when booking was correct.

, dec 2017

Although we only had one day in Hong Kong coming from Cruise, this was a good way to get around and see the big Buddha. Finding the place to pick up the tickets was a challenge it was in the MTR Admiralty Station at Exit B, but after that, the Hong Kong MTR is pretty self explanatory. We were in Hong Kong on a Saturday, which is not the best day to sightsee. However, we immediately went to the Cable car and Big Bhuddha 0900 AM, so we beat the crowds but we could not take the guided tour, as the first one started at 1130 and lasted 3-4 hours. We did our own self guided tour thereby avoiding the queue for the cable car and Big Buddha. When we were leaving the cable car after the ride and Big Buddha visit, the queue or waiting line appeared to be over an hour. We were happy we went ahead with our self-guided tour

, dec 2017

Fantastic tour guide Moon and some fantastic sights were seen,
But, some areas of tour were a little long and drawn out
Also collection of tickets was quite a long drawn out procedure, make the collection easier even closer to actual tour and stars will raise

, nov 2017

A great tour! After collecting our tickets at Admiralty MTR station, we actually forgot to exchange our MTR pass and ended up continuing to use our Octopus card to get to Tung Chung. But we then used the the MTR pass the next day and it still ran for 24 hours. Once we got to Tung Chung it was relatively easy and quick to get our cable car tickets and onto the 360 cable car. Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best on our day fog and mist so we didn't have the clearest views, but it was still a good experience. We had a small hiccup when we arrived at Ngong Ping as we hadn't been given our walking tour tickets in our pack, but it was quickly sorted out when we visited the Information Centre and we promptly joined a tour. We had Annie as our guide and she was fab! So informative and fun! The fishing village tour was great - we were given tokens to exchange for a couple of local snacks which was an added bonus! It was nice to finish up viewing the monastery and climbing the steps to the Big Buddha.

, okt 2017

Tour itself good but a nightmare if you are staying in Kowloon and have to go to island to pickup tickets and train passes. Should be able to down the lot online and avoid an expensive taxi ride to go to HK island to pick up. Have used Viator in the past in different countries and been very happy but this left us frustrated.

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