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Koh Samui naar Krabi door Seatran Discovery Ferry en Coach

Surat Thani, Thailand

Vanaf US$ 36,15


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Als uw plannen haltes in zowel Koh Samui als Krabi bevatten, reis dan tussen deze twee bestemmingen in het zuiden van Thailand op de gemakkelijke en kosteneffectieve manier. De Seatran Discovery combo-veerboot- en touringcar-service omvat ophalen bij uw Koh Samui hotel en vervoer per boot over de Golf van Thailand en vervolgens met de bus om de ferry terminal in Krabi te bereiken. Er zijn twee ochtendtijden beschikbaar om aan uw reisschema te voldoen.
  • Veilige en stressvrije manier om van Koh Samui naar Krabi te reizen
  • Airconditioning biedt een comfortabele rit per veerboot en bus
  • Inclusief handige ophaaldienst van het hotel in Koh Samui
  • Vang je laatste rit naar Krabi of Ao Nang na aflevering bij de veerterminal van Krabi


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Beoordelingen van Viator-reizigers
So i'm going to review this tour by...
, jan 2017
So i'm going to review this tour by each way transportation. Taxi Cab Pick Up: We paid extra for the hotel pickup and literally the WORST cab driver. He was incredibly rude picking us up. Just seemed to be annoyed that we were getting picked up and kept telling us to get into the bus when we were clearly in. Oh and he was 10mins late. I know that it doesn't seem like a lot but when there's a 15 minute window for pick up we were waiting 20 minutes. Just get your own ride to the pier or just ask your hotel to get you to the pier. Ferry: Wasn't terrible but it wasn't good either this is where you see why it's incredibly cheaper to get to Krabi via ferry to bus rather than by plane. So so many people and most are inconsiderate. One woman took up 4 seats just so she could lay down. She wasn't elderly or pregnant, she was in good health, young, and rude. Also the boat was suppose to leave at 9am. It didn't leave the dock till 9:50. It's fine to take if you aren't in a rush to a flight for example. Bus: Whoever is writing these descriptions on viator needs to put down the thesaurus and tell it how it is/call a spade a spade. The isn't a VIP Coach... think of it more as a private mini van that seats 10 people. I'm not mad about it but for a hot second i thought i was getting on a huge bus with a toilet. Because we were in a smaller vehicle we made RECORD time! I was impressed. We got to Krabi at 2:10pm original schedule was 2pm!!! Even with leaving an hour late. Our driver sped through which i was very happy with because this is a long transfer and i just wanted to get to Krabi. There's no way we could've gotten there that fast on those huge buses. I was happy we had a private mini van but by no means is it a VIP Coach. Overall, it's cheap and it takes 5 hours to get to Krabi from Koh Samui. If you want to save some cash, don't mind inconsiderate tourists, then book because it is cheap. I'd still prefer a direct plane ride.

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