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Auschwitz Birkenau Rondleiding - gedenkteken en museum

Krakau, Polen

Vanaf US$ 62,28


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6:30 AM
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18 beoordelingen
Beoordelingen van Viator-reizigers
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Heel matig
, mei 2019
Werden een uur te laat opgehaald Geen gids terwijl die er wel bijgeboekt was in plaats daarvan een boekje met info Zou in eigen taal zijn maar was in engels En door de warrige organisatie waren wij ipv 7 uur durende trip werd dit 10 uur Waardoor wij pas laat konden eten en niks anders konden doen die dag Dus heel matig
Very Harrowing experience
Anne L
, jun. 2019
The visit really brought home how cold and callous the Nazi Germans were and makes you appreciate even more the freedom we have today
icon Reactie van aanbieder , jun. 2019
Thank you for your review, we are glad that you have chosen us.
We have to remember! !!!
, jun. 2019
This trip was offered as guilded and it was not...I got half my money back for this tour from the company used....We did visit both places....I don't think I have any words for what we saw....But I do believe we all need to go if visiting Poland. .
icon Reactie van aanbieder , jun. 2019
Thank you for your review. Your feedback is very important to us.
Extremely disappointed with last minute change from Viator w/o explanation. Beware of bait and switch.
james e
, mei 2019
I registered about 2 months in advance for an english guided tour at Auschwitz Birkenau for 3 people. About 3 days prior to our visit we received an email that stated that the guided tour with an english-speaking guide had been changed to a self-guided tour. There just wasn't sufficient time to cancel and hire another Tour Company. Viator's local partner didn't even provide us with audio but handed us a tour book and provided only entry tickets. While still an interesting experience, it would have been so much better with the "english guided" tour we paid for. Viator has yet to acknowledge the change or to issue a partial refund. Our tour was scheduled for Wednesday, May 1st.
A must see, but a misrepresentation of the tour type
J and M L
, mei 2019
The tour was advertised as starting at 7am. Luckily we didn’t plan a late afternoon activity as it was changed within 24 hours to an 11am start. It was advertised as a guided tour in English, but we were only given a guide book and a map to sort the route and the information ourselves. This was a very expensive tour. What we got was a self-guided tour which should have been much cheaper. Procedures and communication were not clear. We had to ask the meeting times at each stop. It was a comfortable bus. The actual sites of course are a magnificent reminder of the need for peace and harmony in the world.
Badly organised
, apr. 2019
Went to Auschwitz Birkenau on a supposedly small guided tour, bus was full and when we got there we were all told to go to the café while they sorted out the tickets. Once we were through security we were told again to wait, we waited and waited and waited so after over 45 minutes of waiting my wife and I decided to walk around ourselves. All the other people who were doing tours had head sets on and were shown by their guides all the places of significance, we passed our guide with the other people off our coach, no head sets and no information given. We were told to meet back in the car park at 12 lunch time but were then told "you have more free time we are not leaving until 13.00" what can you do for an hour in a car park? (Nothing) We chatted to one of the guides and asked how long the drive to Birkenau was and she said "no we are going back home soon" I explained that we had paid for the Auschwitz Birkenau trip, she looked shocked and went to ask one of the other guides for confirmation and came back and said we were right. Then said that Birkenau was very boring and there was nothing to see (excuse me but Auschwitz Birkenau is the main place to see, this is where the train track is and all the remains of the bunkers are). When we finally arrived we were pointed in the direction of the entrance and told what time to be back at the bus and that was that, when we were walking around all the other people had paid for guided tours were with their guides and everything was explained but we were left to wander and find our own way!!!!! Would I recommend using this company?? NOT A CHANCE.:(
Excellent tour but transport issues
, apr. 2019
An excellent tour that I recommend. Our guide was very informative and took his time to explain everything. Our only complaint was with transport and communication from the tour company. We booked the trip beforehand, via TripAdvisor, and received a confirmation email of the date but no pick up time. Our tour said we could have hotel pick up so I added our hotel details. The day before our trip we received a reminder email about the trip but still no pick up details so I asked our hotel receptionist to contact the company. She was told we had to go to a pick up point at 7.10am. I explained we'd requested hotel pick up but said ok we'll do that. We then got an email saying they'd collect us from the hotel. Later that evening we received a call to say it had changed to 11am pick up at the hotel. We waited outside the hotel from 10.45 and by 11.20 nobody had turned up. I asked reception to ring and they were told a grey minibus had already been but they would return. There is no way we had missed it on the one way road outside the hotel. We were eventually picked up at 11.35. The driver apologised but had no explanation. He seemed embarrassed and we got the impression he had just been told to get us. He then picked up other guests and the tour was excellent. Just disappointed that we'd lost nearly half a day of our short break.
, mei 2019
Buenos días, Auschwitz y Birkenau muy bien, nuestro descontento y decepción es con el servicio prestado por Tutti Tours, nosotros reservamos y pagamos por una visita guiada y lo único que tuvimos fue un conductor que nos llevó, pero en Auschwitz y Birkenau, tuvimos que realizar la visita por nuestra cuenta y no es lo que reservamos. Nunca más Tutti Tours ni viator Gracias Carlos y María
Auschwitz ist mehr als sehenswert
, apr. 2019
Auschwitz muss man gesehen haben, auch wenn es kaum zu greifen ist, was Menschen sich haben einfallen lassen, um eine Rassen zu vernichten. Die Organisation der Tour war allerdings mehr als chaotisch. Erst 1 Stunde durch Krakau gefahren, um alle Teilnehmer einzusammeln, dann nach Auschwitz. Dort war der Museumsführer erst für 12 Uhr da, also mussten wir selbst durch das Vernichtungslager Birkenau laufen. Die spätere Führung war sehr gut. Die Führung wäre dann in Birkenau weitergegangen, aber nicht für uns, da unser Bus dann zurückfuhr. Sehr Schade. Dafür war die Tour zu teuer, um sich dann letztendlich mit dem eigenen Wissen mit Auschwitz auseinanderzusetzen. Man kann anscheinend auch selbst hinfahren und direkt ein Ticket für eine Führung kaufen, ist ratsamer. Dazu braucht es keinen Internet-Anbieter.
Attention TUTTI TOURS à fuir
Marilyn P
, apr. 2019
Visite de Auschwitz Birkenau Réellement gâchée par le tour opérateur TUTTI TOURS amateurisme complet, perte de temps et inorganisation J'ETAIS VRAIMENT DECUE Ils m'ont gâché la visite

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