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Bezoek de regio's Normandië en Bretagne tijdens deze tweedaagse excursie vanuit Parijs met een overnachting in Caen. U bezichtigt de prachtige historische plaatsen Rouen en Honfleur en reist naar de D-day stranden aan de kust van Normandië en naar het Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. De volgende dag bezoekt u de mooie ommuurde havenstad Saint-Malo en krijgt u een rondleiding door Mont Saint-Michel, een van de populairste bezienswaardigheden van Frankrijk. Inclusief overnachting, maaltijden, entree en vervoer.



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, okt 2018

Our guide was very hard to understand and said "eh" at the end of every sentence. We had very little time at the WW2 sites that were of interest to us. We stopped for 10 minutes at Omaha beach and weren't given any information or history about the events that took place there. Overall very rushed in the places that were of interest to us with very little information about the places we stopped in.

, okt 2018

It is a packed two days, but nicely laid out. Wonderful trip through history. Easier to take a tour than navigate all the places via rail or car.

, sep 2018

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Very well organized, our guide Veronica was amazing, knowledgeable enough to teach French history. Our driver was very skillful, lots of narrow village roads.Dinner was OK, tiny portions, both my husband and our table mates were still hungry. Breakfast was much better.The woman at check in counter in Paris very rude.

, sep 2018

The most important part of reviewing a trip is not about the attractions, but about the experience; and our experience was pretty bad this trip. The guides were one of the main problems. A great guide can make history come alive, and make you feel like you are a part of that history. These were not those guides. Our main guide, Veronica, was like that one teacher that puts you to sleep in class. Often times she during tours we would get basic insight into the various landmarks we would visit, but not much else. Compounding this issue was her tendency to say "eh?" at the end of every sentence. To make matters worse, she would often walk off on her own without accounting for the group. During our trip to Honfleur for instance, we became separated from her along with half of the other folks in the group. We all ended up going in separate directions trying to find her, while her monotone voice flitted in and out of range of our headsets! We ended up joining the other guide's tour, who was more lively, but about 10 times ruder. I saw her snip at three or more people during the time we were on the two day trip, including my father. Instead of "eh?" this guide would say "voila!" during every sentence, as if she was performing constant magic tricks. I understand that English is neither of these guides first language, but they were difficult to listen to. Neither guide would stop to allow the group to ask any questions at all, and on the rare occasions someone did ask a question, neither guide would repeat that question to the group and instead answer the mystery question over the headphones. The schedule was the other main issue. Spots like Honfleur and Saint Malo were given too much time and were mainly filler; the guide would only spend about 20-30 minutes with us and then let us loose for lunch. This was a problem in Saint Malo since barely anywhere was open for lunch until about 45 minutes after our guided tour. The places that demanded more time, like Omaha beach, got 15 minutes of time with no real tour. The graveyard at Normandy was such a short stop that I did not have time to walk to the end of it. On the plus side, the hotel we stayed at was recently renovated and very accommodating. The breakfast there was excellent with bacon, sausage, eggs, crossaints, and juice. Even if for dinner we could not agree whether the mystery meat we were eating was pork or chicken.Overall we would not recommend this tour.

, sep 2018

The tour is expensive and does like to do alot within 48 hours, which was the appeal. We wanted to see the WWII sites and Mt St Michel. The first day felt super rushed, just going from one place to another. You really did not have time to appreciate anything. You also get pointed out sites that you are passing while driving. If you are not on the side of the bus that is facing those things you don't see anything. We spent 20 minutes at Omaha Beach and 40 at the American Cemetary. It just isn't enough time. Maybe they could exclude some of the shopping stops for more time? You wanted to actually look around.

The hotel for the night was the Novitel Caen. It was a basic 2-3 star hotel. Room was clean and the bed was comfortable.

THE DINNER, oh the dinner. When we first boarded the bus in the morning, we were asked if we were allergic to anything, gluten, vegan etc. We aren't. I did not think this was when we were putting in our dinner order. Had I known I would have said ANYTHING other than what they served us. It was chunks of grey veal in a cream sauce, canned carrots and crunchy white rice. I am not certain if the rice was undercooked/overcooked/old. This was one of the worst meals I have ever had. Several people also had moral issues with veal. Hardly anyone ate it. If you book this tour, tell them you want chicken or anything. I can not convey to you how bad this was. There are also no restaurants in walking distance as well so you are out of luck. Breakfast was fine, nothing special, but fine.

THe next day was the morning in St Malo and the afternoon at Mont St Michel. There is a lot of steps at Mon St Michel so be prepared.

We did not like our tour guide very much. She just felt like a teacher reciting facts, not very personable. She was openly rude to an elderly man at Mont St Michel who was not in our tour group.

Overall I am glad I saw everything but would not book this again.

, sep 2018

great trip... comfortable bus and accommodations. Informative guide. All transports on time. Highly recommend.

, aug 2018

Our guide was very well informed and interesting. The overnite hotel was very nice, comfortable. So nice to have the driving performed by a professional

, aug 2018

Long days but guide and drivers were very good. Guides tend to walk to fast.for older folks. Very educational. Loved Normandy and it's villages. A little tiring but enjoyable.

, jul 2018

Hotel dinner was lacking. Emotional Omaha beach and flag lowering made it all worthwhile. Mont st Michel was incredible. Rouen visit was a bit too long, having to translate two other languages took a lot of time. I thought we were paying for an English tour.

, jul 2018

Well planned and carried out the guide were very good so was the bus driver the choices of places to visit were better than I thought they would br

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