Reykjavik, IJsland
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clock-oPapegaaiduikercruise: 1 uur
Walvissen spotten: 2,5 of 3,5 uur (afhankelijk van boot) (ong.)
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Bekijk de majestueuze zeedieren en vogels van IJsland van dichtbij tijdens deze Reykjavik Super Saver die een 1 uur durende papegaaiduikercruise combineert met een walvistour van 2,5 of 3,5 uur, tegen een gereduceerde prijs. Kies zelf op welke dagen en in welke volgorde u wenst deel te nemen aan de tours, kleed u dan warm aan en ga naar de haven. Glijd langs de rotsachtige kusten van het eiland Akurey en kijk betoverd toe terwijl papegaaiduikers nestelen en in zee duiken op zoek naar hun prooi. Tijdens de walvistour vaart u vervolgens door de baai Faxaflói op zoek naar dwergvinvissen, bultruggen en nog veel meer.

Vanaf US$ 129,26

US$ 152,06  bespaar US$ 22,80




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, okt 2017

Great guide, fantastic trip, lots cheaper than the cruise version. The whales were mostly young males who clearly enjoyed the attention. One surfaced right next to our boat, but very safely! I got a great photo of one waving good-bye with his tail. Learned a lot about puffins, especially the Pacific tufted puffin whobears a great resemblance to an American presidential candidate....

I would definitely do this again.

, aug 2017

The puffin tour was awesome. The guide was knowledgable and we saw a ton of puffins, even though it was late in the season. I highly recommend it!

, aug 2017

Whale watching was a good time. Saw a number of whales which made it exciting. Puffin trip OK, but late in July, not many puffins.

, jul 2017

Not sure this is a must when touring Iceland. We only saw a couple Minke whales which I know is not the tour's fault and the puffins were interesting too. But not sure I would waste one of my days in Iceland for these. It's better to get out into the beautiful countryside.

, jul 2017

Enjoyed both the whale watching and puffin tours. Managed to glimpse a few sightings of both hump back and minkey whales - not the best views of them but then that is nature and was very pleased to actually see as much as we did. The only thing I would change on the whale watching tour was we could not hear what the tour guide was saying although we were at that back of the boat and it was quite windy. Was very grateful for the fleece lined waterproof overalls provided - were definitely needed. The guide on the puffin tour we could hear very well and thought he was very good - very knowledgeable and engaging. All round I would definitely recommend!

, jul 2017

It was nice to have the guides love puffins as much as me, and be amused and excited by them! They all had their eggs though so we were cautious about approaching the boat too near to the island. Plus in the afternoon you are facing into the sun, so difficult to see the birds outside of their burrows. They're fast flyers so tricky to photograph when not on the water. The whale watching was fantastic. Didn't go too far out into the bay, so got to spend more time looking for sea life. This tour company also supports Iceland's acceptance of the whale-hunting ban world-wide, which is an important plus in my book! We saw several species of cetacean. Well-worth it.

, sep 2016

Vi var mycket nöjda med både Puffin tour och Whale-Watchin tour. Lunnefåglarna var så charmiga och vi fick riklig tid att betrakta dem. Valskådningsturen blev en succé tack vare en knölval på riktigt showhumör, som verkligen visade allt. Dessutom utmärkt kvinnlig marinbiolog som guide. Stort tack!

, sep 2016

Make sure to be at the front of the boat on the whale watching tour as the boat tends to chase the whales

, aug 2016

Tour operator is well organized and on schedule unfortunately the time of the year we visited was the end of the puffin season

, aug 2016

Nice facilities on the boat, warm cloths. Guide very knowable. Puffin tour too short.

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