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Vaticaan hoogtepunten Groepsreis voor gezinnen met kinderen

Roma, Italië

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Bezoek de Vaticaanse Musea op een rondleiding voor kinderen, die een boeiender ervaring biedt voor jou en je kinderen. Zie de iconische Sixtijnse kapel en andere historische kunstwerken terwijl je deelneemt aan een speurtocht en luister naar verhalen die de geschiedenis tot leven brengen.
  • Gezinsvriendelijke rondleiding door de Vaticaanse Musea
  • Laat je verrassen door verhalen en games die kinderen interesseren voor de bezienswaardigheden van het Vaticaan
  • Verken verschillende delen van het complex, van de tuinen tot de galerij met kaarten tot de Sixtijnse kapel
  • Geniet van voorrang in- en uitstappen



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Beoordelingen van Viator-reizigers
Francesca was amazing with the...
Laila D
, jan 2018
Francesca was amazing with the children and extremely engaging. The children had a wonderful time, as did us adults and we all learnt something about the Vatican and the wonderful art and architecture featured within. Michelangelo is a favourite artist of mine and to see his works and appreciate them again we fantastic. The group was smallish and the children got on with one another as they heard the interesting things that Francesca had to say. If you have children and want them to engage with what you are attempting to enjoy then this tour is for you.
We had a fabulous tour with Marlena...
Ruchika K
, jul 2017
We had a fabulous tour with Marlena - she gave us Italian names - so hopefully she's fine with this version of her name : Lots of fun insights for the children, spoke at their level with a focus on things that would interest them. Didn't think the kids would last the whole tour but they were happy to go on. We were paired up with a lovely family - and that added to everyone's enjoyment. The instructions about carrying water in were misleading - so if you're booking the tour - double check on that - it does get hot and the refilling lines can be a bit long.
I was disappointed in this tour. The...
Jennifer S
, jul 2017
I was disappointed in this tour. The guide clearly tried to bond with the kids in the tour, but there seemed to be a disconnect between the informal chatting with kids to get to know them which was good and the material covered by the tour which wasn't always appropriate for kids. I suppose the problem may be that the tour had everything from 6 year old girls to older teenagers and it is difficult to keep them all engaged--the stuff that the teens probably liked was not the best for the little ones. Also, we spent an inordinate amount of time standing outside looking at a photograph of the Sistine Chapel in detail. Some of this, you would expect on any tour and it is necessary for all the kids to appreciate the ceiling, but it really seemed to go on a very long time considering that many of the kids were pretty young. Also, some of the material--while good for the teenagers-- seemed not great for the little ones. Explanation that Michelangelo went to the morgue to find unclaimed bodies and peeled away their skin to see muscle structure emphasizing that a snake was biting Minos's genitals, how Noah got drunk after the flood, etc. Overall, I would say that my kids learned something and appreciated the art more than if we hadn't done a tour, but I wouldn't really recommend this one in particular.
We really enjoyed our tour with...
Meg P
, jul 2017
We really enjoyed our tour with Marlena I am not sure I have her name correct, so sorry if you are reading this! from Denmark. The tour was totally focused on the kids and hit the highlights of the Vatican and Sistene Capel. Rome in July is extremely crowded so battling the crowds and the heat was a definite priority. We lucked out and only had one other family on our tour and their children were very close in age to our children who are 5, 7 and 9. We were all given headsets so that we could hear her better in the very crowded parts. She was very good at recognizing when a child was starting to lose interest and would make an effort to get them interested again. It's a 3 hour tour and can get long for the younger ones, but totally worth it. My advice would be to feed them something right before meeting your guide and then bring something small and discreet like some gummy candy to keep them going while inside. The instructions from the tour company will say that water is not allowed into the Vatican, but it is and you will need it! I also noticed that knee length shorts, skirts and dresses seemed to be ok no uncovered shoulders and definitely no short shorts or skirts. My only regret is that we didn't give our kids a little more background on what we would be seeing and the history of the vatican before going.
Really rapid run through the Vatican...
David C
, jul 2017
Really rapid run through the Vatican museums. Finding the guide at the beginning was difficult with the number of people at the front door and the rome for kids bag on the shoulder was not obvious enough. Required a phonecall to find them. The tour itself was good - interesting for both kids and adults, and the sights themselves awesome! would personally suggest remaining within the museum after the tour rather than progressing to st peters basilica as there is no way to return to the museum without paying again, and there was so much more to see. But would definitely recommend as a quick tour of the museum.
Really great guide a tour. Engaging...
, jul 2017
Really great guide a tour. Engaging for our kids age 6 and 8 while entertaining and educational for adults. The Vatican is mostly not air-conditioned and water breaks are few and far between - bring a big bottle of cold water on your tour!
A BIG Thank You to Francesca who was...
Chuon Yi O
, dec 2016
A BIG Thank You to Francesca who was great, esp with the kids,. Other than being very knowledgeable, she communicated very well with the children and got them interested in the different highlights. She was also attentive to both my young children and the adults, and patient with questions. 5 stars!
Great tour for a grandparent and 11...
Joanne P
, okt 2016
Great tour for a grandparent and 11 year old boy. We had only 4 in our tour so were able to avoid massive crowds and get up close to fantastic things in the Vatican. Great guide, fun and able to keep kids amazed and interested.
Had a great tour. All just perfect...
Mark A
, sep 2016
Had a great tour. All just perfect. Toni was a delight ! Only recommendation is a 5 minute 'break' after first hour and another after second hour.
We wnt with a 10, 8, 3 and 2 year...
Michelle S
, jul 2016
We wnt with a 10, 8, 3 and 2 year old for this tour. It was very hard with the 3 and 2 year olds as we have strollers and there are lots of stairs so be prepared. It is also very packed. TheThe tour guide was great and was able to engage the older children well.

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