Ggantija, Malta
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Het eiland Gozo staat bekend om zijn oude ruïnes en pittoreske landschappen, en de nabijheid van Malta betekent dat u een dagtocht kunt maken. Deze dagexcursie van Valletta bestaat uit een rondleiding door de Ggantija-tempels die op de Werelderfgoedlijst van UNESCO staan, een ritje met de Marsalforn-trein en een heerlijk dinerbuffet, evenals een ophaalservice voor het hotel en rondvaartboten tussen de eilanden.
  • Dagexcursie op Gozo vanuit Valletta, inclusief de Ggantija-tempels
  • Bewonder de oude Ggantija-tempels, die op de werelderfgoedlijst van UNESCO staan
  • Geniet van een uitzicht op de Marsalforn-baai en de zoutpannen op een trein zonder trein
  • Bezoek de hoofdstad van het eiland Victoria en geniet van een diner in Rabat
  • Een rondleiding van goede kwaliteit is inclusief ophaalservice van het hotel, vervoer heen en terug en diner
Je tour begint met ophalen van je hotel in Valletta (hotelovernachtingen beginnen vanaf 10 uur) en een korte transfer naar de haven om aan boord van je veerboot te gaan. Geniet van het uitzicht terwijl u over de Middellandse Zee glijdt en na een cruise van ongeveer 30 minuten arriveert u op het eiland Gozo.
Stap over op een bus om het eiland te verkennen, te beginnen met de hoofdattractie - de Ggantija-tempels die op de Werelderfgoedlijst van UNESCO staan. Terwijl je je verbaast over de megalithische tempels, kun je horen hoe ze werden gebouwd tijdens het Neolithicum, meer dan 5.550 jaar geleden. Ze zijn niet alleen ouder dan de Egyptische piramides en de Engelse Stonehenge, maar ze zijn de op één na oudste religieuze structuren ter wereld, na Gobekli Tepe in Turkije.
Vervolg uw weg naar Marsalforn, waar u de ongebaande trein instapt voor een leuke 40 minuten durende rit langs de kust. Geniet onderweg van een prachtig uitzicht op Marsalforn Bay, de baai van Qbajjar en de baai van Xwejni en bezienswaardigheiden zoals de zoutpannen en het standbeeld Salvatur.
Terug in de bus, maak een stop bij het Gozo Craft Centre, waar je de kans krijgt om lokaal handwerk te bewonderen, enkele unieke souvenirs te kopen of een typisch Maltees gerecht te proeven. Ga vervolgens naar de hoofdstad van het eiland, Victoria, en stop onderweg om de uitzichten op de Binnenzee en de Dwejra-baai te bewonderen.
Volg in Victoria je gids tijdens een korte wandeling, waarbij je bezienswaardigheden zoals de Cittadella en de kathedraal van Gozo in je opneemt en geniet vervolgens van vrije tijd voor sightseeing of winkelen.
Tot slot, ga naar Rabat en sluit de dag af met een heerlijk dinerbuffet in een lokaal restaurant, voordat je de veerboot terug naar Malta neemt. Je tour eindigt met drop-off in je hotel rond 20.00 uur.




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, mei 2018

The guide was friendly and informative. The restaurant chosen for lunch was below average for selection and taste. It seemed like the tour was behind schedule and we didn't spend that much time at some of the places.

, apr 2018

This tour has the makings to be great, unfortunately it wasn't.
We got off to a poor start by being picked up 20 minutes late, not a massive amount I agree, but you could sense a little hostility from the other people waiting on the bus as if it was our fault we were late.
The Ferry crossing across from Malta to Gozo was fine, however we then had to transfer to a coach based on Gozo. Sadly, this coach was extremely old and not in a cute, classic kind of way and the seat I sat on was broken, meaning it felt like I was sitting in a rocking chair, and every time the coach accelerated or braked I had to cling on for fear of toppling forward or backwards.
The Ggantija Temples were interesting enough, as was the excursion to the sadly now collapsed Azure Window, But the trip took another downward turn when, for some unexplained reason,we stopped for 45 minutes at a glorified gift shop. The guide then proceeded to grab a microphone and goad and cajole us into buying items that can be bought at every other souvenir shop in Malta for a lot less money. Why this stop was deemed to be worthy of 5 minutes, let alone 45 staggered more than a few of us on the trip, and the vast majority ended up sitting back on a hot coach for half an hour waiting for a couple of people who seemed to need the whole 45 minute stop to stock up on souvenirs. By this time, it was well past 3pm, and we were told our next stop would be for lunch in Victoria. Sadly, because of the ridiculous amount of time spent at the souvenir shop we were told we only had 1 hour 15 minutes to eat lunch and look around Victoria, a great shame as I would have liked to have visited the Citadel and explore the streets without the mild indigestion gained from having to bolt our lunch. Next up was a trackless train ride to visit the salt pans on Gozos Northern coast. Again, a nice enough idea, however it was so windy that the trackless train had its opaque plastic sides down, meaning we observed the fleeting salt pans rather like you would observe your neighbours garden, through a heavy net curtain. The trackless train didn't even stop and let us out so we might take a picture or two, it was a quick rush job up and down the coast and it was all over in about 15 frustrating minutes.
And to crown an already disappointing day, as we arrived to board the ferry back to the main Malta Island, the ticket gates shut with half out group unable to catch the same ferry, meaning those that got through had to sit on the coach on the Malta side and wait for 45 minutes for those of us that could not board and had to wait the 45 minutes for the next ferry. A simple request from our guide asking if all 49 people would be able to board would have alleviated this problem, or better still a brief knowledge of the ferry timetable so that we arrived at the terminal with time enough to board as 1 group. My advice to perspective purchasers of this tour would be to avoid it at all costs. If you are able to, you can do a Hop on Hop off tour of Gozo, which I feel would be a lot better, as you can set your own timetable, and save a bit of money as well.

, dec 2017

We got a late start with too many pick-ups so some times were shortened but it was such a lovely day and, though I am 80 years old, I can really move so got to see a lot and read up on areas before the tour. I fell in love with Malta, will be back and am hearing the same thing from other friends who were with me or traveled there in the past few years. I will give the place more time on my next visit.
The included lunch was very good best meal I had on Malta.

, dec 2017

Those in charge for this tour was very helpful and kept us in contact until our tour day. The ferry connection and the bus tour was wonderful. The sites we visited was awesome and the lunch was great. Thank you.

, dec 2017

Those in charge for this tour was very helpful and kept us in contact until our tour day. The ferry connection and the bus tour was wonderful. The sites we visited was awesome and the lunch was great. Thank you.

, nov 2017

Amazing tour

, nov 2017

This tour was very disappointing. The group was just too large with 55 people. The guide could not really keep everyone engaged and in fact at the first stop a significant proportion of the group just did not know where to go and the guide had to restart the talk when we finally caught up.
The guide did not explain the itinerary of the day and did not really explain what to expect at each stop. It was not helped by the fact that the guides first language was not English and her accent was very difficult to understand.
When we arrived at each stop we did not fully understand what there was to see or do and were just given a short deadline to be back at the bus. The visit to the Gozo craft centre was a stop at a small tourist shop and to our surprise the guide took the microphone and stood behind the counter promoting the jewellery on offer.
There were times that the bus driver on Malta was driving with one hand while talking on his mobile phone.
We were expecting Gozo to be an interesting island with some unique features, but the lasting impression was not good.
This tour was not the quality of tour which I expect from Viator and was not worth the money

, nov 2017

tour guide very good as living on gozo .Dinner was good set up by Sandra

, okt 2017

We loved this tour! Taken Sep 2016. All of Gozo was so beautiful. The temples were really interesting with fabulous views. The little train tour around the salt pans with the amazing scenery was great fun and we absolutely loved Rabat. We were lucky enough to sea the Azure Window, sadly now lost and our guide made a late stop to view the Blue Lagoon. This is a great trip, not to be missed!

, sep 2017

We saw so much on this tour and the guide was organized and knowledgeable. I certainly recommend this tour for anyone regardless of age.

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