Tuschinski Theater

Tuschinski Theater
Whether you’re looking to catch the latest blockbuster or attend a celebrity-studded film premiere, the coolest place to watch a movie in Amsterdam is at the sumptuous Tuschinski movie theater, located on the city’s most famous square, Rembrandtplein.

The modern cinema has made a name for itself among the new generation of cinema-goers, for its plush, comfortable seating and beautifully restored interiors. Intricate stained glass windows, marble pillars, chiseled bronze works and hand-embroidered carpets shipped in from Morocco, all lend an air of tasteful opulence and a stunning collection of artwork and elaborate murals adorn the walls.

The impressive main auditorium, holding up to 740 people, features an enormous cinema screen alongside a stage, a 1940s Wurlitzer organ and private viewing boxes. The hall is often used for theatrical performances as well as movie premieres, but a further five screens are dotted throughout the old building and there is a newly built annex.

The theater’s exterior is equally impressive, the brainchild of Jewish-polish businessman Abraham Icek Tuschinski, who built four cinemas in Rotterdam before setting his sights on a luxury theater in Amsterdam. Built back in 1921, the ‘movie palace’ is an eclectic blend of architectural styles. Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Gothic and Amsterdam School designs all get a nod, to dramatic effect, with the mesmerizing entrance hall flanked by two turreted towers.
Adresse: 26 - 34 Reguliersbreestraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands 1017, Nederland
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